Xpress Yourself Dance Company

The Xpress Yourself Dance Company is more than a competitive team; we are a family.  Our team has some of the most dedicated dancers at Xpress Yourself, not only in their technique and drive, but to each other and to the XY family. Our Company members are eager to reach their full potential and commit themselves fully in their passion for dance. From competition stages to parades and holiday performances, the Company Dancers light up every stage they step foot on.

Dance Company Requirements:
Company members are expected to perform in competitions and local events throughout the year. Class requirements vary depending on the level of the Company member. For specific requirements, please inquire within.

Dance Company Expectations

Company dancers should
  • Be a leader.
  • Give 100% in classes and rehearsals.
  • Be able to accept positive criticism and corrections.
  • Arrive to class promptly and always be prepared.
  • Support team members even if you are not dancing and/or not attending an event.
  • Be able to balance their schoolwork and dance schedules.
  • Make sure to properly warm up, take care of your body, communicate injuries to your parents/teachers and lead a healthy lifestyle.